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Domain 4 Tips — September 8, 2015
BFT Seeking Teachers to Serve on the Professional Development and Evaluation Committee — July 10, 2015

BFT Seeking Teachers to Serve on the Professional Development and Evaluation Committee

Per state law, the Bristol teachers are required to be a part of the district’s process in developing professional development and crafting teacher evaluation guidelines. The BFT is seeking Bristol teachers willing to be a part of this process. The commitment would entail attending about six meetings per year with a committee (PDEC) composed of teachers, building administrators, and central office administrators.

The BFT is asking that those who volunteer commit firmly to attend meetings and contribute ideas/feedback to this important process that significantly impacts all teachers. This is an excellent opportunity to steer PD and TEVAL in a more productive direction, demonstrate your own skills to colleagues and administrators, and elevate your own Domain 4 score.

Please email David Hayes at or call/text 203 482 5087 if interested.

TEVAL – What To Do If You Disagree With Your Score? — June 24, 2015

TEVAL – What To Do If You Disagree With Your Score?

Taken from the district’s TEVAL plan submitted to the SDE.

Conversations between evaluators and teachers should foster collegiality and professional growth. In the event that there is a disagreement that cannot be resolved through discussions between the teacher and their union representative [if desired], and evaluator, either party may request that the superintendent of schools or designee mediate this dispute and make a decision that resolves this impasse.

When a teacher does not agree with the summative outcome ratings of the evaluation process, a letter clearly defining the teacher’s reasons for disagreement should be provided to the teacher’s supervisor and the Director of Human Resources. Upon receipt of the letter, administrators may schedule a meeting with the teacher to further discuss the dispute, identify an error made in computation that is changed, or respond to the teacher in writing that the previously discussed documentation is consistent with the summative rating presented.

In cases where the teacher and evaluator cannot agree on SLO’s and corresponding IAGD’s, feedback, or a teachers choice of Professional Practice Objective, using the “Connecticut Guidelines for Educator Evaluation (2012)”, a determination of such issues may be made by the superintendent of schools or designee.

Yet More Changes for Teacher Evaluations — April 24, 2014

Yet More Changes for Teacher Evaluations

As we informed you earlier this week, your union leaders have remained fully engaged in a collaborative process to address the many issues resulting from implementation of new teacher evaluations. Today, along with our public education allies, we moved the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) to recommend changes to the state’s guidelines that our member teachers have been advocating for.
The proposals we shared with you on Tuesday were unanimously approved by PEAC:
Separating student tests – teacher evaluations will not be based upon a single standardized student test score.
Neutral dispute resolution – a subcommittee of a local district’s Professional Development and Evaluation Committee (PDEC) will review unresolved disputes.
Clarifying “performance” in ratings – the definition for each of four evaluation designators will be clarified to reflect progress toward achieving goals.
While all three are significant improvements, the first will no doubt be the most welcome. “De-linking” teacher evaluations from a single test score and focusing on “growth over time” is a major step forward for all of Connecticut’s educators and their students.
The next step is for these recommendations to be submitted to the State Board of Education for formal adoption at their regular meeting on May 7.
More to come, and in solidarity,
Melodie Peters
President, AFT Connecticut
Steve McKeever
First Vice-President, AFT Connecticut
Jean Morningstar
Second Vice-President, AFT Connecticut
Patti Fusco
Pre-K-12 Jurisdictional Vice-President, AFT Connecticut