Due to the portion of the bill that requires a survey be conducted every two years, there is a slight cost for the SDE associated with implementing the bill. As a result, the bill must go through the Appropriations Committee, where it has languished and will soon die unless passed though the committee and sent back to the General Assembly for a final vote.

Your voice can make a critical difference making our classrooms safe places to learn and teach.

Thanks to the many teachers who contacted their legislators in February, a bill enhancing classroom safety and school climate (HB 7110) was voted favorably out of the Education Committee. But our work is not done.

HB 7110 faces a deadline for action in the Appropriations Committee. Your legislator is on this committee and needs to hear from you about passing this important legislation.

Click here to send a letter to your legislator urging support of HB 7110 and improving classroom safety in our schools.