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Updated BFT officers and stewards — December 2, 2019

Updated BFT officers and stewards

The current officers and stewards at each school (see table below). Stewards at each building are holding monthly meetings with your building administrators to address issues at your school and to discuss possible solutions/resolutions. Please contact your building steward or a BFT officer if you have any issues to ensure your voice is heard.  Any teachers interested in filling the open steward positions at BEHS, BCHS, CHMS, NEMS, WB, Southside, Edgewood, or Ivy Drive- please let a steward or officer know. Thank you!

PresidentMike Reynolds
High School VPDavid Lattimer
Middle School VPChristine Heimgartner
Elementary VPKathryn Morales
SecretaryDavid Luchina
TreasurerPaul Pinette
VP At LargeJohn Stavens
VP At LargeWalter Lewandowski
VP At LargeDennis Griffin
Matt Boissonneault
Kelly McCabe
Eric Steinfeld
Brian Troccolo
Trish Stavens
Maggie DeVito
Amanda Lizotte
Adam Sample
Dawn Killiany
Josh Blumenthal
Kristen Cicchetti
Anne Tacinelli
Jessica Dumont
Carrie Jackson
Veronica Beaudoin
Kelle Barrieau

Marcy Deschaine
Amanda Brezicki

Karen Kulesa
Amanda Marcotte

BFT FALL HAPPY HOUR! — October 9, 2019


Starting to feel a little rundown, overwhelmed and stressed.

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GOOD NEWS! The BFT is hosting a Happy Hour Friday, October 18 from 2:30 to 5:30 at Nuchie’s Restaurant (164 Central Street, Bristol)

Come down to de-stress, socialize with colleagues, talk to the Board of Education Candidates running this November and most importantly relax. Hope to see you next Friday!

Forging a new path and moving forward — August 26, 2019

Forging a new path and moving forward

As summer comes to an end, in the upcoming days you may experience one or all of the following:

  • Frequent back to school nightmares
  • Frequent spells of feeling overwhelmed by a growing list of things to do
  • Frequent urges to buy school supplies everyday
  • Frequent checking your classroom roster on PowerSchool to count how many students you have then texting fellow teachers throughout the district to compare numbers
  • Frequently staring at your teacherspayteachers/Pinterest cart trying to delete items only to add a few more 

STAY CALM! This is perfectly normal!

Here are some quotes from the book, No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work by Jon Gordon that will hopefully help you stay positive this school year.

  • “Trust in the bigger plan”
  • “Find strength in adversity”
  • “Failure today leads to success tomorrow”
  • “Positive or Negative. The choice is ours”
  • “Obstacles and struggles are part of life and only serve to make us appreciate our success”
  • “If everything came easy, we wouldn’t know what it felt like to truly succeed”

I hope this school year is your least stressful and most productive. 

New BFT President — July 8, 2019

New BFT President

At the beginning of July, The Executive Committee (BFT Officers) recommended Mike Reynolds to assume the role of BFT President. Next, the BFT Constitution called for a vote of the Executive Committee (BFT Stewards and Officers) to complete the transition process. Now the vote is official and Mike Reynolds is the new BFT President. The BFT would like to thank David Hayes not only for his exceptional service as BFT President for the past 9 years but also for his several years of service as a BFT steward. He put in countless hours representing Bristol teachers and his work ethic goes unmatched. He will be truly missed, even though David remains a Bristol teacher, and of course will be available for advice and consultation. Hope everyone is resting, relaxing and most importantly enjoying their summer.