As summer comes to an end, in the upcoming days you may experience one or all of the following:

  • Frequent back to school nightmares
  • Frequent spells of feeling overwhelmed by a growing list of things to do
  • Frequent urges to buy school supplies everyday
  • Frequent checking your classroom roster on PowerSchool to count how many students you have then texting fellow teachers throughout the district to compare numbers
  • Frequently staring at your teacherspayteachers/Pinterest cart trying to delete items only to add a few more 

STAY CALM! This is perfectly normal!

Here are some quotes from the book, No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work by Jon Gordon that will hopefully help you stay positive this school year.

  • “Trust in the bigger plan”
  • “Find strength in adversity”
  • “Failure today leads to success tomorrow”
  • “Positive or Negative. The choice is ours”
  • “Obstacles and struggles are part of life and only serve to make us appreciate our success”
  • “If everything came easy, we wouldn’t know what it felt like to truly succeed”

I hope this school year is your least stressful and most productive.