Since BFT President David Hayes is resigning his position effective 6/30/19 so he may take over as Secretary-Treasurer of AFT CT, the following procedure from the BFT constitution shall be used to replace him:

Special elections will be held for the purpose of filling vacancies. Open positions will be posted at the appropriate level for a period of two weeks. Any member wishing to submit their name must do so in accordance with the election procedures established by the Election Committee. At the close of that two week period, a special election will be held with the following parameters;
-Steward—in coordination with the Election Committee either a steward or an officer
shall conduct the election.
-Grade-level V.P.—in coordination with the Election Committee an officer shall
conduct the election.
-At-large V.P.—the Election Committee shall conduct the election.
If no names are submitted then the position shall be filled by vote of the Executive Council upon nomination of the Executive Committee.

Those wishing for their name to be considered by the Executive Committee as the next BFT President should email by 6/25/19