Bristol Teachers, after reading this update, please take a moment to add your own written testimony in support of HB 7110 by clicking here. Bristol residents of the 77th district can also contact Cara Pavalock-Damato, who is a member of the Education Committee. Ask her to support the bill and pass it out of committee.

On Friday, the Education Committee of the Connecticut Legislature held nine hours of testimony on all education bills that have been proposed, including HB 7110, the bill that addresses Classroom Safety.

BFT President David Hayes, who served on the Classroom Safety Working Group that was convened by the SDE in the summer and fall of 2018 to develop the language in the bill, was present and gave testimony that can be viewed using this link:

(If it freezes, hit pause, then play. Or use this link  and go to 5:07:35 into the stream to go directly to Hayes’ testimony followed by most testimony focused on HB 7110)

The verbal testimony was a summation of the written testimony, which can be read in its entirety here David’s Testimony for HB 7110

The complete list of all those who submitted testimony so far can be found here. Several Bristol teachers are among the participants!

An article summarizing Friday’s verbal testimony can be viewed here.

You can follow progress on the bill here.