Below is an email from CEA about HB 7110, AN ACT CONCERNING ENHANCED CLASSROOM SAFETY AND SCHOOL CLIMATE, that attempts to addresses the discipline problem prevalent in so many schools across our state.

BFT President David Hayes was the AFT CT’s representative on the committee that helped shape this bill as it was developed by a coalition of education groups, some of whom are fiercely opposed to the final language, which includes:

  1. A more formal record keeping requirement of disruptive or injurious incidents.
  2. A requirement that superintendents report to the BOE the number of disruptive or injurious incidents in schools, by grade level.
  3. Protection for teachers from discrimination or retaliation for reporting such incidents.
  4. Require the State Department of Education to conduct a biennial survey seeking the confidential responses of school employees (including teachers) and, in a separate confidential survey, from parents about school climate.

Bristol teachers are implored to share their stories of dangerous and disruptive classroom discipline situations by submitting testimony via the link at the bottom. 

Here is the email:

Your voice can make a critical difference in making our classrooms safe places to learn and teach.

Classroom safety and disruptive behavior from students are major problems in our schools but legislators aren’t aware of what’s happening in your classrooms. They need to hear your stories.

The legislature’s Education Committee has just announced that it is holding a public hearing on Friday, February 22, on HB 7110 which would address this incredibly important issue. Full info on the bill is here.

Click here to submit written testimony on teacher assault and get suggestions on what to include in your letter.

With a new legislature, we need to educate our lawmakers on the issue again this year. We’re pushing back stronger than ever and asking you to stand up for safe schools. Even if you were one of the many who submitted your story last year, we need you to do it again.

CEA and AFT CT are making it easy for you to submit written testimony to the legislature—no need to take time off and travel to the Capitol. Please take a few minutes to write a paragraph or two (or more if you have time) and in your own words and experience, discuss why classroom safety and disruptive behavior is a major problem that must be addressed.

Submit your written testimony HERE.