No subs for PD? Instructional support staff pulled as subs again? Why does Bristol have a perpetual sub problem? Here is some data regarding pay…
Bristol – $80 per day – BA degree/non-certified; $90 per day retired teacher
How does Bristol compare? See below:
Avon – Uses Kelly Educational Staffing – Certified subs make $91/day
Farmington – Hire their own – BA degree is required
New Teachers – $76/day
Retired Teachers -$85/day
Wolcott – Hires their own – BA degree is required – $90/day
Southington – Hires their own – $85/day
Plymouth – Uses Kelly Educational Services – $91/day
Plainville – Hires their own – $85/day
After 40 consecutive days, interview and teacher step up level.
Canton – Hire their own but looking to use Kelly Educational Services in the future.
Watertown Hires their own – $75/day for the first 10 consecutive days.
After the 10 days, go through interview process and pay will be
determined based on experience and certification.
Meriden – Hires their own – $75/day. If you work 40 or more consecutive days and are
certified, the pay increases according to contract.
Cheshire – Hires their own – certified subs get paid 80% of the BA/BS degree level 1 = $198.19. After 40 consecutive days in same position, pay increases to 1/186 of their
equivalent annual rate for each day worked – (capped at $306.85/day