On Monday, July 9, at 7:00 PM the BOE Policy Committee will hold a meeting in Room 36 of Central Office. One item being worked on is a policy on students discipline, which is perhaps the foremost topic of concern among Bristol teachers. If you would like to voice your concerns and opinion on how policy could be revised to best address this issue, please attend.

Likewise, on Wednesday July 11, the regular monthly BOE meeting will take place starting at 7:00 PM. One item up for a vote will be to accept or reject “Option 1” of the Feasibility Study conducted last year. Option 1 was the “No change” option, keeping all current schools intact, but also adding the Arts Magnet (all options of the study included adding the Arts Magnet School).

While Option 1 was the least onerous of all the possible choices, the creation of the Arts Magnet at Memorial Boulevard is one that has raised many questions among teachers. The BFT strongly encourages all teachers to attend.