Malloy veto misrepresents the facts. Set the record straight and get the classroom safety bill passed.

The governor’s veto of the classroom safety bill puts the safety of students and teachers at risk. The veto was based on false information and a misrepresentation of the facts. We need to set the record straight.

We need to provide legislators with the facts and convince them to override the veto of this important bill—which will make our schools safer and provide supports and resources for students.

Thanks to your personal stories, emails, and phone calls, your legislators overwhelmingly supported and passed Senate Bill 453, An Act Concerning Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior, now called Public Act 18-89. Now we need to ask for their support again. Without it, this bill will die, and students will lose the best chance they had to get the help they need before it’s too late.

Set the record straight. Give your legislators the facts and ask for their support in overriding the governor’s veto.

CLICK HERE to contact your legislators.