The Connecticut General Assembly is in session and has several bills of
interest to teachers. Please contact BFT President David Hayes if you are willing to give
testimony in person, or would be willing to submit written testimony.
More information is below.

Regarding the bills, any new language to an existing law is underlined. Any
language being eliminated will have a line going through it.

SB 453 is a law dealing with classroom safety and disruptive behavior Please
consider offering testimony on this bill. Testimony on this bill needs
to be submitted by Tuesday evening.

HB 5430  “An Act Concerning Teachers Retirement System Contribution”
is a bill  that would repeal the extra 1% tax teachers started paying
into the Teachers’ Retirement System in January. Testimony
on this bill needs to be submitted Thursday evening.

Also, please use the link at the top of this page to contact your
legislators and ask them to support these bills.