The secret tax targeting teachers buried in the state budget passed last month by lawmakers and since vetoed by the governor has again raised its ugly and unfair head. Numerous media outlets are reporting that similar proposals “remain under consideration” in ongoing talks among legislative leaders working toward agreement on an alternative two-year fiscal package.

Your elected representatives need to know that Connecticut’s educators will not stand for being singled out while profitable corporations and CEOs have not been asked to do their fair share.

Click here to send a message to your state Representative and Senator today demanding they oppose a targeted tax on teachers.

The reality is that you and fellow union members have more than done your partto help resolve our state’s fiscal challenges. Lawmakers responded last month with a slap in the face by imposing an occupational tax that would have done absolutely nothing to shore up the Teachers Retirement System (TRS).

That’s one reason so many made calls, sent messages and took to the streets demanding the governor reject the toxic state budget that included the secret teacher tax. Now that it’s back, we must redouble our efforts to assure legislators don’t repeat what many who voted for it later admitted was a mistake.