Urge Your Legislator to Support a Fair Budget for Connecticut

Urge your State Senator and Representative to reject measures cloaked as “structural reforms” that deliberately attack workers, including attempts to eliminate public employee collective bargaining and binding arbitration. These laws give workers a voice on the job and have served the state well as effective vehicles to close income gaps and protect vital public services. Demonstrate your support of workers’ rights by dismissing any efforts to kill collective bargaining and binding arbitration.  Embrace true structural reform by rejecting layers of duplication and waste and moving towards county or regional government.

Ask them to please support a more balanced approach: VOTE YES on a budget that asks more of corporations and the wealthy, not teachers and the working poor. Protect our clean elections program, maintain the thresholds on prevailing wage projects, and safeguard our higher education institutions. And importantly, protect our right to collectively bargain.

We need a fair budget that:

  • Protects collective bargaining rights so public employees can continue to negotiate health care and retirement security;
  • Preserves our clean elections program to prevent dark, corporate money from tainting our elections;
  • Maintains thresholds on prevailing wage projects to protect wages for thousands of hard-working construction workers;
  • Eliminates taxes on teachers and the working poor by axing the Republican’s teacher pension tax and maintaining the earned income tax credit, and instead ask corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share;
  • Safeguards Higher Education by funding UConn and UConn Health Center, as well as our state universities and community colleges;
  • And so much more: keeps jobs programs at the DOL, protects health programs, preserves the Jobs Funnels Project, includes funding to prevent bankruptcy in Hartford, and more.

Teri Merisotis

Legislative Advocate


35 Marshall Rd.

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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