Rights to negotiate a better future are at risk for all working people under proposals being pushed in the final hours of the Connecticut General Assembly’s regular session. To stop this shameless attack on our union members and everyone who depends on us, the State Capitol needs to hear from us — and now.
Politicians are exploiting the process to revive bills that died earlier in the legislative session taking aim at our members and everyone employed by the state, municipalities and school districts. But when politicians silence any one of our voices, they weaken our collective strength.
Since January, our members have led the labor movement’s defense of collective bargaining and the gains made for working families over decades. Only by working together can we stop special interest-backed politicians’ from turning back the clock on progress and gutting our members’ pay, pensions and healthcare.
More to come, and in solidarity,
Ed Leavy
Secretary-Treasurer, AFT Connecticut
Jean Morningstar
First Vice President, AFT Connecticut
John Brady, RN
Executive Vice President, AFT Connecticut
Jan Hochadel

President, AFT Connecticut

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