PLEASE NOTE – These are the final results, with all participating schools calculated.

Last month the BFT asked teachers to participate in a survey on restorative practices. Only a few schools have begun the consistent use of this discipline strategy, and so only 101 of 641 teachers participated.

Responses by type of building:

pK-5 schools had 35 responses

K-8 schools had 34

Middle School had 26

High School had 6 responses


The survey asked:

Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding Restorative Practices/Circles. Be sure to describe what stage of implementation your school is at, as well as any experiences you may have had with these concepts from working in another district.

The results:

47 teachers commented that there needed to be consequences for poor behavior. Many comments said Restorative Circles needed to be used in addition to a PBIS-type system that contained clear consequences. Many comments specifically stated there are “no consequences” for poor behavior, and it was getting worse.

24 comments stated that Restorative Circles don’t work for that minority of students who classify as”repeat offenders/high-fliers.”

27 comments mentioned that they needed more training.

16 comments said it was taking away from too much instructional time.

13 comments said that overall, the Restorative Circles strategy has been successful and positive.

30 said they did not have enough knowledge or experience with the concept yet.

The BFT thanks all those who participated. We will transcribe the comments and share with BOE members.