I’m going to keep this short: The House is voting on Trumpcare today, and we need you to call your representative and urge him or her to oppose this bad bill.

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Republicans are rushing to get this bill passed because they don’t want to face their constituents at town hall events over the April recess—but it’s a bad bill. Trumpcare gives tax cuts to the rich—which are paid for by taxing the healthcare of middle-class families—while raising costs and cutting coverage for the rest of us.

There’s plenty wrong with this bill, but here are the big things:

  • Premiums and out-of-pocket costs will go up dramatically—people over 50 or living in rural areas will pay even more.
  • 24 million Americans will lose their coverage, including 7 million people who will lose employer-sponsored health insurance.
  • Medicaid as we know it will end—hurting seniors, children and people with disabilities while starving the budgets of school districts.

Congress must vote no on any bill that cuts coverage and raises costs. Call your representative today before the vote.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President