The BOE has asked the BFT to consider a furlough day during the 2016-17 school year. The furlough would occur on Friday, December 23, 2016. On that day, all schools and Central Office would remain closed, and students and employees would NOT report to work. In exchange, all employees would give up their salary for that one day. The BOE believes that the furlough from this single day would help save the BOE budget more than $300,000.

Since this is a change of salary, BFT members must vote on the issue. The vote will be held on Wednesday, September 14, the same day as the steward and grade level VP election. Voting will be held at each individual building.

Why December 23? This date would extend the holiday vacation, help save on heating costs, and presumably minimize instructional impact since it is historically a day with a greater amount of student absences.

Would only teachers take the furlough? No, it would impact all employees of the BPS. But, since the schools and Central Office would be closed, all employees (administrators, teachers, custodians, secretaries, maintenance, etc.) must agree (through their respective unions) to the furlough.

How would the single day pay be deducted from our salary? If BFT members agree to the furlough, the payroll department would spread the amount (different for each individual due to the salary scale) of that single day over the remaining 2016-17 paychecks. Since there are 27 paychecks this year, that would leave about 25 paychecks to spread out the loss in salary from that single day.

Other questions? Post below, and it will be responded to ASAP.

The issue will be discussed at the first meeting of the BFT Executive Council on Tuesday, September  6, 2016 starting at 4:oo PM at Nuchies. All BFT members are welcome to attend.