Here is the complete budget that is being put forth and will likely pass unless there is strong and vocal public opposition. As you go through line for line, you will notice that nearly everything has but cut or eliminated, except charter school funding, which will increase to more than $110,000,000.

Feeling angry? Don’t sit back.

State legislators last week nearly approved Governor Malloy’s state budget, which would have further slashed services, raised property taxes and laid off up to 5,000 public employees. Enough lawmakers recognized the threat to Connecticut’s quality of life by the proposed package and delayed its passage — but they’re expected to take it up again when they reconvene in special session on Thursday.
We must make our voices heard now to assure legislators reject a plan that will protect the wealthy at the expense of Connecticut’s working and middle class families.
They need to understand the damage caused by cuts to public safety, education, health, environmental and support services for seniors, the disabled, veterans and others in need. They need to hear that eliminating good, middle-class jobs will reverse our state’s economic recovery and drag us all back into recession. They need to realize that abudget that slashes services at the state level will raise property taxes at the local level.
Join us in calling on lawmakers to reject austerity tactics to balance the state budget. Together with community allies and our sisters and brothers in the state’s labor movement, we must stand up for an economy that works for all working families.