These will be the candidates for city office come November.


Democrat Ellen Zoppo-Sassu and Republican Ken Cockayne

Bristol has three districts, each elects two members of the city council

In the 1st District, Democrats:Calvin Brown and Myra Sampson, a former councilor. Republicans: Eric Carlson and Anthony D’Amato.

In the 2nd District, Democrats: Morris “Rippy” Patton and David Preleski. Republicans: Josh Levesque and Jodi Zils Gagne.

In the 3rd District, Democrats: Mary Fortier and Bob Passamano. Republicans: David Mills and Jeremy Deprey.

Board of Education

There are nine members of the BOE, but no more than six can be from the same party. Hence, each party nominates six candidates.

Democrats: Chris Wilson, Karen Vibert, Tom O’Brien, Karen Hintz, Joe Grabowksi and Tina Taylor.

Republicans: Larry Amara, Genard Dolan, Jennifer Dube, Jeffrey Morgan, David Scott and Jeff Caggiano