Yesterday, the General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee adopted a budget plan that would restore many of the painful cuts Governor Malloy proposed earlier this year. Their budget invests a great deal more in PreK-12 and higher education and significantly restores cuts to the Medicaid rates on which our hospitals rely. It alsorejects two of the governor’s marquee proposals — to fund new charter schools and move probation officers out of the Judicial Branch

Simply put, it’s a responsible budget that reflects our values.

Soon negotiations will begin between Governor Malloy and General Assembly leadership to create a final budget. Legislative leaders need to hear from you now.

Click here to thank them for adopting a budget that protects education, public services and healthcare delivery in our state.

Ask them to stand their ground in negotiations to create a final budget we all can be proud of.

Please make your voices heard!

In Solidarity,

Teri Merisotis

AFT CT Member Mobilization Coordinator