The problem of buses arriving late has been a continuing problem, one especially prevalent at the elementary and K-8 levels. What teachers need to know is that a new TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT exists that addresses the issue.

By contract, buses must not only arrive, but depart school within 20 minutes of dismissal. Buses are considered to be late starting 20 minutes after dismissal. For elementary, that would be 3:45 PM. If a bus arrives between 9 and 20 minutes late, the bus company must pay a fine equal to 25% the daily bus rate. For elementary, that would be between 3:54 PM and 4:05 PM. Buses more than 20 minutes late (which would be 40 minutes after dismissal) must pay a fine equal to 50% of the daily rate. It is hoped that these provisions of the new contract will encouraged the bus company to design realistic routes and arrive in a more timely manner.

Additionally, the BFT encourages all teachers at the individual schools to arrange for administrators to relieve teachers of bus duty 20 minutes after dismissal.

Emergency Student Supervision Protocol: Any teacher who is left in a school building supervising a student or students at the end of the teacher work day because of a late bus arrival or for other reasons of an emergency nature and who is without an administrator in the building should immediately contact the following personnel:

Greg Boulanger – Director of Transportation – 860-302-1939
Ellen Solek – Superintendent of Schools – 860-480-3689
Sue Moreau – Deputy Superintendent of Schools – 860-877-1699
Sam Galloway – Human Resources Director  – 860-416-8675