The Lawmaking Process in Connecticut and How the AFT CT Influences Each Step

Webinar held on Tuesday, March 18 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Lawmaking is a step-by-step process. At each step a bill can die without having been voted on at all or be voted upward to the next step, and can be altered (“amended”) for better or worse.

You’ll learn:

·        the path of labor-related legislation in the Connecticut Statehouse

·        when, how and on which lawmakers constituent pressure must be applied

·        the huge significance of political party leadership and affiliation and how that impacts our lobbying strategy and grassroots organizing

·        amendments strategies

·        How to communicate and gain commitments from your state senator and state representative.


Please RSVP to Teri Merisotis at 860-257-9782 or by email (