Yesterday, Republicans in the State House of Representatives petitioned the legislature’s Education Committee to raise bills that would, in short, do what we have already done. Specifically, they are seeking to address issues regarding implementation of Common Core and the state’s new teacher evaluation program.

Thanks to the work of our union, and our partners, positive changes on both fronts are now underway.

First, the governor is establishing a workgroup with classroom educators to review the many issues related to implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Second, the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) has adopted new flexibility options for teacher assessments. And they are establishing a committee to include teachers in order to review the impact of the new evaluations in the classroom.

The reality is that this process is the most effective and efficient way to respond to the rush to adopt new standards — along with the push to adapt to so many other changes — in our schools. Legislation is, by design, a slow and deliberative process and it often takes years to pass a single bill into law.

The good news is that your voice is being heard. As educators and union members, you know the value of seizing the opportunity to talk about improving student learning and your working conditions.

So, going forward, we will continue to work on your behalf at every opportunity.

In solidarity,

Melodie Peters
President, AFT Connecticut

Steve McKeever
First Vice-President, AFT Connecticut

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