• $14M for approximately 1,020 new preK slots with ax express commitment to move towards universal preK in the state. The administration has set the goal of adding 3,000 more slots by FY 2018-2019. All new preK slots will be targeted at low performing districts (Priority, Alliance and Competitive) with 65 towns being eligible for new slots. There will be legislation introduced by the administration to require the Office of Early Childhood Education to develop a plan on how to achieve universal preK access which will be due to the legislature in January 2015.
  • $2.3M in startup costs and planning for universal access to preK.
  • A 3% rate increase for school readiness programs.
  • In his remarks, the governor declared his commitment to explore early college partnerships with all kinds of partners and in all kinds of models with the input of all stakeholders.
  • $10M for a third round of district school security grants. CTHSS and RESCs will also be eligible for these grants.
  • $1.7M for Health and Safety Positions in the Connecticut Technical High Schools
  • $7.6M for new one-year Sheff settlement
  • $600K+ for new reform positions in SDE
  • Cut $1M in Department of Education Administrative Set-aside for the Magnet School Grant Program
  • Cut $6.5M from Teacher Retiree Healthcare Fund due to the decrease in the monthly premium equivalent rate in the TRB basic health plan (medical and Rx) from $350 to $291.
  • CommPACT schools remain funded at 475,000.
  • Added $3.486M to K-3 early literacy pilot
  • Eliminated Basic Skills Exam Teachers in Training – $1,225,655
  • Eliminated Teachers’ Standards Implementation Program – $2,941,683