Below are the results from the middle school survey conducted last week. Note: although 99 middle school teachers participated, not all teachers responded to all questions.

99 Surveys were received from Middle School Teachers from all four middle schools/K-8 middle-level teachers. The percentages in parentheses represent the % of respondents that answered that question.


Comments are being transcribed and will be published on a separate document.

BFT Survey on Changes to the Middle School Schedule and the REACH program


Have your effective teaching practices been negatively impacted due to changes to the middle school schedule in regards to:       

Planning for student needs              YES 83% or NO 17% (96%)

Implementation of lesson content  YES   74% or     NO 26% (91%)

Assessing student work/progress    YES   76%  or     NO 24% (93%)

Reflection of teacher effectiveness YES   74% or    NO 26% (97%)

Reflection on student growth           YES    81% or     NO 19% (90%)

Do you feel that the REACH Program is effective in meeting its goals to Re-teach, Enrich, Accelerate, Challenge, and Help?


Yes 8% No 92% (74%)


Comments: 74% reflects that many teachers, especially Encore, do not teach REACH and have had no direct experience with the program.


Do you think the morale in your school has been negatively affected as a result of changes to the middle school schedule?

Yes     95%                                 No 5% (94%)


Do you feel that workloads and/or duties are equitable with the new middle school schedule?


Yes 36% No 64% (86%)


Have changes to the middle school schedule resulted in long periods of time without the ability to leave your classroom?


Yes 64% No 36% (95%)


If yes, how long? 3 to 5 hrs If yes, is this a problem for you?


Yes 89% No 11% (60%)


Comments: 60% of Yes responses.

Would you favor a change to a 7 or 8 period schedule to allows for a structured student study hall?

Yes 94% No 6% (72%)

Comments: 72% of total responses answered yes or no. 28% left blank or wanted more information before responding.

Please check the statement that best summarizes what changes, if any, you feel are necessary to the middle school schedule and/or REACH program:

16% Something needs to be done immediately.

77% I can make it through this year, but changes need to implemented by the start of next year.

5% I think the current program is acceptable as is.

2% Other (88%)