The tragedy in Newtown has lead to an outpouring of goodwill and support from around the nation. Many donations of money and goods are being sent to the town, schools, and teachers. To help Newtown teachers, paras, and custodians deal with this influx, the AFT CT has set up a temporary office in Newtown to help the local unions.

The AFT CT is also developing a peer support line.

The purpose is to give teachers and other educational professionals a number they can call for support if they feel the need to talk. They are asking for counselors, social workers, and psychologists from other districts to volunteer as contacts for this support line.

This will be a private phone number sponsored by AFT-CT that teachers can call and ask to talk with someone. Then, a member from the AFT office will contact someone on the list and ask them to call the teacher.

We are asking that you send the name and contact information of volunteers to Steve McKeever, VP of AFT CT He will then contact each volunteer with more information.

Contact Steve by calling AFT CT at (860) 257 8214

Also, a donation web site, vetted and approved by the CSDE and AFT has been established.