The BFT will be undertaking two important votes over the next few weeks. The first is to approve changes to the BFT constitution, the primary purpose of which is to allow representation at the new K-8 schools. These changes were unanimously approved by the Executive Council (all officers and stewards) at our regular meeting on September 4.

The second vote is for the election of building stewards and grade level VP’s. Here are the dates and links to vital documents.

Monday, September 10 – Informational meeting presented by the BFT committee that revised the constitution. BEHS auditorium starting at 4:00 PM

Wednesday, September 12 – Ratification vote conducted at each school. Here are the proposed language changes to the 2012 BFT Constitution. For comparison, here is the full, current version approved in 2001.

Wednesday, September 19 – Elections held at each building for stewards and grade level VP’s. Each high school is allotted 4 stewards. Middle Schools and K-8’s are allotted 3 stewards each. Elementary schools are allotted 2 stewards per building. In addition, each grade level (HS, MS, pK-5) is represented by a VP.