At 3:45 am Tuesday morning, the State Senate passed Senate Bill 458 by a vote of 28-7. The bill goes on to the House of Representatives where it will be voted on later today.

Senate Bill 458 contains numerous provisions which include:

  • The Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) will continue their work developing guidelines for a new evaluation system.
    • The new evaluation system will be piloted at 8-10 schools in 2012-2013 and be assessed by the UConn Neag School.
  • A streamlined dismissal process for removing ineffective teachers
  • Funding for 1,000 new early childhood education seats (600 of these will be in the state’s lowest performing school districts)
  • Funding for PreK-3 reading programs in the state’s lowest performing school districts
  • Development of a Commissioner’s network of schools:
    • The 25 lowest performing schools will be in the network.
    • Establishes turnaround committee at each school which will develop a turnaround plan for those schools.
    • If turnaround plan is approved, unions will be able to bargain over the changes in those schools.
    • If turnaround plan is not approved, unions will be able to bargain over impact of changes.
    • 5 of the schools may be managed by charter schools, and would be required to take the students from those schools.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will no longer be required.
  • Creates a distinguished educator certification.
  • Requires teachers to get a masters degree in their area of teaching in order to receive their professional certification.
  • For the first time, creates a governing structure for the technical high school system comprised of industry experts unique to the system.

Read the full bill here.

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Article from the Connecticut Mirror

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