Where will you be on Tuesday, April 24? That is the day that Bristol teachers will rally at the state capital to keep the positive changes made to Senate Bill 24 by the Education Committee. Many special interests that are opposed to public education and who believe that teacher quality is the reason for Connecticut’s education gap are engaged in a media blitz to return the bill closer to Governor Malloy’s original language. As the end of the legislative session is rapidly approaching on May 9, we only have a few days to let our voices be heard before back room political deals are cut in Hartford and we are shut out of the process.

A bill will pass by May 9. We can have a role in shaping what it looks like, but it depends upon all our members stepping up and participating. If you can’t make it to the rally, please take the time to contact your state reps and tell them to support the bill recommended by the Education Committee.

All those who participate in the rally will be invited to the annual Renaissance Dinner in November!

AFT Rally

Where: Buses leave BEHS at 4:30 PM and return at 7:30 PM

When: April 24 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

How to participate: Give a steward your name and cell number, or call the BFT office at (860) 582 6732

Sandwiches and drinks will be provided on the bus by the BFT.