After Senate Bill 24 was heavily modified by the Education Committee, many teachers may have thought the battle was over. Unfortunately, organizations that are well funded have begun a media blitz to turn back our gains and restore Governor Malloy’s original language. Today, the AFT CT sent the following alert to union leadership.

We need at least several hundred emails to be delivered [to legislators] this week if we are to compete with the grassroots efforts of Students First, ConnCAN and other organizations that do not share our objectives.  Today, Governor Malloy was quoted in the Hartford Courant:  “”I’ll settle for teaching to the test,” he said, if it means raising scores.” (Full story:,0,2734084.story) That is not the kind of education reform we have been working so hard to enact.  Most legislators understand that, but they need to hear directly from you.

Here is the alert:

Please follow the above link to send a quick email to your legislators. Education reform is on the horizon, and what that reform looks like will be decided by May 9, when the legislative session ends. We can’t afford to be complacent.