This afternoon, 37 non-tenured Bristol teachers received notice of a meeting  to occur at 3:45 PM on Tuesday, March 6 at Central Office. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the non-renewal process, and an official letter of non-renewal will be delivered to these individuals soon after.

Another meeting for tenured teachers facing layoffs has been scheduled for Monday, March 12 at 3:00 PM.

Affected teachers should note that the number of teachers receiving these notices exceeds the number of positions actually expected to be cut. However, Connecticut statutes require notice of position elimination for teachers be given prior to May 1, and the final number of position eliminations will not be known until the school budget is approved by the city council in late May or early June. Hence, Human Resources has erred on the side of caution.

Members should be aware that the Board of Education’s Finance Committee will meet on Monday to discuss position eliminations. Depending upon the outcome of that meeting, a 2012-2013 school budget may be passed on Wednesday’s monthly Board of Education meeting.