An eventful BOE meeting with some far-reaching consequences…

1) April vacation has been reinstated, with the caveat that if 3 or more cancelations occur between now and April vacation, school will be held that same week starting with Friday, April 20 and working backwards.

2) The BOE has no intention of altering the Encore portion of the middle school program. Despite this, those teachers who attended and made their voices heard displayed their professionalism, dedication, and passion for the arts.

3) Jennings School will close this June. Staff will be placed into “the pool” of displaced teachers from around the  district. While most of those displaced teachers will be comprised of staff from JJJ, GH, CTO, and MBMS, every school can expect to see staff changes as a result of the redistricting. See Articles 32 and 33 from the BFT contract for specifics of how this process works.

The Hartford Courant article covering the meeting can be found here.