With all the upheaval going on here in Bristol, it is easy to become myopic and lose sight of events occurring outside of our district that will still impact us greatly. In addition to being BFT President, I also sit on the AFT CT executive committee, and want BFT members to be aware of events happening at the state level.

The Connecticut Legislature will soon begin its new session, and before spring ends we can expect massive changes proposed and enacted to education. In effect, the next three months will profoundly effect education for the next decade or more. Governor Malloy has made education reform his top legislative priority, and while governors typically submit their education legislation to the SDE for review before bringing it to the legislature, this governor is not revealing his proposals until closer to the opening of the legislative session. Translation: his education proposals will far sweeping.

In response, the AFT CT is launching a comprehensive member education, lobbying, and media campaign, the biggest in a generation. This is the time to get involved and make our voices heard to shape the legislation that comes out of Hartford. We may never get a chance like this again in our careers.

-David Hayes

Participate in the Teletown Hall on February 2 at 7:00 PM. Call 888 398 3373 to ensure your contact info is up to date.

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