Tuesday afternoon the first session of negotiations will get underway. At this initial meeting, the BFT and BOE teams will exchange initial proposals and clarify the intent of each  (i.e. what problem is being addressed via each proposal). We also will agree to ground rules for the entire negotiation process and schedule future negotiation meetings.

The BFT negotiations team is: Dave Hayes (President), John Stavens (At-Large VP), Mike Reynolds (At-Large VP), JoAnn Truszkowski (At-Large VP), Ray LeCara (Middle School VP), Kathryn Dickman (Elementary VP), Paul Pinete (Treasurer), Vince Jennetta (Secretary), and Gerard Plourde (BCHS Steward). This team was proposed by BFT President Dave Hayes and unanimously approved by the officers and stewards present at our June Executive Council meeting.

Although bound by a confidentiality agreement during the negotiation process, the BFT will share as much information as possible with members using this web site. Sign up for email updates to get reliable and timely info.