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AFT CT Conservative Caucus — October 9, 2018

AFT CT Conservative Caucus

In an effort to include more conservative voices into the union, AFT CT will hold the initial meeting of a conservative caucus on Tuesday, October 16 at 5:00 PM at the AFT CT building located at 35 Marshall Road in Rocky Hill. All those wanting further the discussion surrounding union issues and to eventually engage more with conservative legislators are encouraged to attend.

AFT Election Mobilization — October 6, 2018

AFT Election Mobilization

For those seeking to be more politically active in support of union endorsed candidates, here are some opportunities:

Saturday, October 20 – 8:30 AM – 12 PM

Greater Hartford (Hartford, Newington, East Hartford): Labor Canvass for Ned Lamont and Gary Turco (HD 27)

Meet at: IBEW 35, 208 Murphy Road, Hartford

Groton and New London: Labor Canvass for Ned Lamont, Bob Statchen (SD 18) and Martha Marx (SD 20) and HDs

Meet at: NOTE NEW LOCATION: Fatboys Kitchen, 194 Bank Street, New London

A full breakfast will be served. “Meet and greet with the candidates before the walk.

Meriden: Labor Canvass for Jahana Hayes, Ned Lamont and Mary Abrams

Meet at: Meriden Federation of Teachers, 35 Pleasant Street, Meriden

Bristol: Labor Canvas for Ned Lamont and Kevin Fuller (HD 77)

Meet at: Bristol Labor Federation, 61 East Main St., Bristol

Saturday, October 27 – 8:30 AM -12 PM

Greater Hartford (Hartford, Wethersfield, Newington East Hartford,): for Ned Lamont

Meet at: SEIU 32 BJ, 885 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford

Bridgeport: Labor Canvass for Ned Lamont

Meet at: LIUNA Local 665, 269 Federal St. Bridgeport

Waterbury: Labor Canvass for Jahana Hayes, Ned Lamont

Meet at: IBEW 420, 550 Wolcott Street, Waterbury


Saturday: (2 shifts 8:30 to 12 noon and 1 – 4 pm)

Meriden SD 13 Abrams

Meet at: Meriden Federation of Teachers, 35 Pleasant Street, Meriden

Hamden SD 17 Cabrera

Sunday: ( 1 shift 1-4 pm )

Groton SD 18 Statchen

Danbury SD 24 Kushner

Southington Area SD 16 Nardello


Upcoming BFT Happy Hours — October 5, 2018

Upcoming BFT Happy Hours

The BFT will be hosting two Happy Hour events in the near future. They are excellent opportunities to unwind with colleagues and catch up with old friends from other buildings. All Happy Hour events take place at Nuchies Restaurant in Forrestville and feature great food and drink – all free!

Events start at 2:30 PM and end at 5:30 PM, with fresh food brought out as each grade level wave arrives.

All Bristol teachers, interns, and student teachers are welcome.

Friday, October 26

Friday, December 14

Pre-Retirement Seminar for Teachers — September 21, 2018
Debt Clinic at the BFT Office Today — September 20, 2018
AFT CT Breakfast with Legislators — September 13, 2018

AFT CT Breakfast with Legislators

We are kicking-off our Labor 2018’s General Election efforts to ensure that your freedoms are protected this year at the ballot box. After two years of defending union members’ pay, benefits and negotiating rights from attacks at the State Capitol, we’re seizing the opportunity to turn the corner.
In three weeks we’ll sit down for breakfast with labor-endorsed candidates seeking to
represent you in the General Assembly. Then we’ll help “get out the vote” for them by
talking with fellow union members in your community — plan to join us:
WHEN: Saturday, September 22 from 9:00AM to 11:00AM.
WHERE: The Manor Inn Restaurant, located at 1636 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike in
the Milldale section of Southington.
There is no cost for members to attend, and breakfast will be served.
Breakfast will be followed at 10:30AM by training in how to talk to union members about
voting our values. Then at 11:00AM, volunteers will go out in pairs delivering information about our endorsed candidates to labor households in the area.
These regional breakfasts and Labor 2018 activities are an important way to exercise the
power of the “U & I in Union” to protect our collective voice in Hartford. We hope you can
join us in three weeks in Southington.
Elementary Prep and Collaboration — September 12, 2018

Elementary Prep and Collaboration

With the recent attempt to add a technology special to the elementary grades, and the administrative desire to expand collaboration time, many elementary teachers are left wondering what time is explicitly theirs for planning and what time is at the direction of administration.

Sections 21:1.1 – 21:1.3 of the contract explain this is detail.

Per section 21:1.1, Elementary classroom teachers get 145 minutes per week of prep time.

Per section 21:1.1, they also get 45 minutes per month of grade level planning time, that is not at the direction of admin or intended for LA or Math coach use.

Time that exceeds the 145 weekly and extra 45 minutes per month is at the direction of administration.

Student Debt Clinic — September 2, 2018

Student Debt Clinic

Due to overwhelming number of members wanting to participate, the location of the Student Debt Clinic will need to be moved from the BFT office to a larger venue nearby.

The BFT will conduct a “Student Debt Clinic” on Thursday, September 20 starting at 4:00 PM at [a location in Bristol to be determined]. Those members that have Federal Student Loans can consolidate them and may also be eligible for loan forgiveness. All those with Federal loans are highly encouraged to attend, as it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. A light supper will be provided. Those with private loans, including parent loans, are not eligible for the program. Please RSVP by emailing:

Summer Reading – Bosses Who Waste Your Time; Start Being Assertive — August 17, 2018

Summer Reading – Bosses Who Waste Your Time; Start Being Assertive

Here are a couple of articles that should be read by all teachers and, perhaps,  administrators too.

How to Stand Up for Yourself from the NYT, will help you become more assertive without being aggressive or rude.

Telling the subtle differences between different levels of incompetence you may encounter in the workplace.

Various articles by Stanford Professor Robert Sutton, who has written extensively about incompetence and bullying in the workplace.


Fund for Teachers — August 14, 2018

Fund for Teachers

Fund for Teachers is an organization that provides generous funding (up to $5000 for individuals/$10,000 for teams) so teachers can acquire unique life experience and professional development skills that they can then use in the classroom.

Examples are science teachers traveling to the Great Barrier Reef to go diving, social studies teachers traveling to the middle east to follow the migrant path taken by Syrian refugees, and teacher leaders going to Finland to explore their educational system. Visiting the web site, you will find a searchable database of previously accepted and completed experiences.

Most experiences/PD must be done in the summer, and teachers must be returning to the classroom the next school year, but with about a 50% acceptance rate for proposals, this is an excellent opportunity for Bristol teachers.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Dale Bernardoni, the Managing Director of FFT Connecticut at 203 671 3052 or