Education and Politics: Fallout from AFT and RNC Conventions

This week both the American Federation of Teachers and the Republican National Committee held conventions. Here are some articles relating to their positions on education.

AFT Convention Coverage

From the American Prospect – Clinton Endorsement from AFT

From a local CBS station in Minnesota, with video – Clinton Education Platform

Article on AFT history and future vision

RNC Coverage

Forbes article on Trump targeting “Education Bureaucrats”

Washington Post article on Donald Trump Jr. trashing public education




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Educator Event at Mystic Seaport

On Wednesday, August 17th, from 4-7pm, we’d like to welcome you to Mystic Seaport for an educators-only event.

We’ll give you a tour of the grounds and then take you out for a brief boat ride before bringing you back to the museum for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Along the way, we’ll talk a little bit about how Mystic Seaport can help enrich and supplement your curriculum.

Hope to see you there—please RSVP to<>  by August 9th.

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Student Suspensions: Unfair?

This Hartford Courant article also has video featuring the state’s Child Advocate.

Here is an article with statistics regarding race and suspensions.

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Democrats Alter Education Platform Prior to Convention

AFT President Randi Weingarten and Bernie Sanders supporters led an effort to pushing for changes to the Democratic platform on education prior to the convention. Here are several articles detailing the changes:

Washington Post

Diane Ravitch blog, with links to transcripts and official party documents.

Press release from AFT

C-Span video of the Democratic Platform Committee meeting




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Job Status Limbo

As teachers head off into an unusually long 80 days of summer, some are left wondering about their job status and expect their positions to be cut due to low enrollment.

Although the contact calls for June 1 to be the date of notification on such matters, it also provides wiggle room by then stating “or as soon thereafter.”

HR is awaiting BOE decisions on personnel matters, and will then issue teachers notification if their section has been cut, and provide options for available sections.

In a related matter, all teachers who received letters from HR dated May 19 that their A2/A3 position was being eliminated can rest assured that will not occur. At the May 19 Special BOE meeting, commissioners never voted to accept the superintendent’s recommendation to eliminate such positions, and verbally opposed the idea. Hence, the letters sent by HR were premature, and in responding to a BFT grievance on the matter, Dr. Solek stated that:

“This serves as notice to you and to the BFT membership that the letter regarding A2 and A3 stipend positions as sent on or about May 20th is hereby rescinded.”

Please note this does not mean that the current incumbent of each A2/A3 position will retain such position, as these positions are filled on an annual basis. It simply means the BOE cannot choose to NOT fill the positions, but they can WHO fill fill them.

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Cigna and Anthem Merger

Here is a lengthy and comprehensive article on the Anthem/Cigna merger, some insider politics that are behind it, and the possible ramifications in the near future.

International Business Times article


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Teacher Leadership

As the effects of ESSA take hold and the realization that we are in a post-NCLB world become a realization, teachers will be able to innovate, achieve autonomy, and take on a leadership role traditionally (at least in recent decades) held by administrators.

Here is some reading material that might illuminate the way forward:

Charlotte Danielson presentation and Chapeter 2 of her book “Teacher Leadership

Massachusetts Department of Education presentation

“Sustainable Leadership” article by Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink

Teach to Lead – official website

Center for Teacher Quality article




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